Bad Boy Belly Band – Paws and Bones


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100_0836He thinks it’s his and he marks it.  You know it’s yours and say keep “it” to yourself.  He really is not a bad boy… it’s his instinct to mark, to claim, to protect.  He smells something we cannot and has the urge to mark over it.  However, in our human world this is not an acceptable behavior.

Clean the marked area well preferably with a urine neutralizer.

Place a small pad or panty liner inside the Bad Boy Belly Band, the heart is the middle, and wrap it around your dog’s belly including his penis.  The first few times give him a high value treat so he associates the Belly Band with something good.  The hook and loop go on top of your dog.  Change the pad when necessary.  Eventually your dog will realize he is wetting himself and he will change his bad boy ways.

Interior fabric is a soft fleece.  Machine washable, tumble dry. 



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