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Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved dogs.  I mean really loved dogs.  She loved everything about dogs, the way they walked, and barked, and played and pranced, wiggled and wagged.  She loved their big expressive eyes and their fuzzy ears.  She even loved the way the smelled.  She thought dogs were God’s finest creation.

When she would see someone walking down the street with their dog, she would get happy in her heart because she knew how the love of that bond felt.  She cherished that feeling.

As she grew she often wondered how she could work with dogs and make a living.  She mostly worked in offices and made a good living.  She would donate time, money, food, toys and treats to different animal charities when she could.

One day she lost her office job and thought it would not be a problem.  As it turned out a job became very elusive.  There were no jobs to be found.  This period became very difficult for the girl as her only sibling, a brother she loved dearly passed away and her two beloved dogs went to the Rainbow Bridge all within six months.

Jobless and depressed the girl had an inspiration.  She decided to rescue a German Shepherd.  Makes sense right?  She found an 8 month old German Shepherd whose owner had been deployed to Iraq.  The dog had been passed to other family members, but none were able to care for him.

The girl could not believe her good fortune.  She loved him as soon as she saw him.  It was as though God had made him for her eyes.  She thought he was beautiful.  She put her face next to his and breathed him in.  A spark of joy flickered in her broken heart.

She adopted him and took him home.  Shortly thereafter he began to bully her.  He refused to bond with her and would walk away from her when she would reach out to comfort him.  He had been left behind and passed around too much.  He became unruly and unmanageable.  The girl refused to give up on him.  She took him to obedience school and consulted many wise people including an animal communicator.   She was taught many things and was told to get a bath mat or yoga mat to place him on.  Being a Leo she did not want to carry around a bath or yoga mat so she designed a comfortable mat with handles that was easy to carry and comfortable for her dog.  Soon other people were asking about the mat and the Doggie “Place” Mat was born.  The girl began making and selling the Doggie “Place” Mats and realized she finally found her dream job of working with, directly or indirectly, dogs.

At the request of others she began making other items for dogs and dog lovers.

The beauty in all of this is that once the girl found her path, her beloved German Shepherd, Koba became her best beloved friend.  His job was to shepherd the girl onto her path and he did.

I am that girl.  My name is Ramona and Ramona Loves Dogs.  That is my truth and that is how Ramona Loves Dogs was born.

I now share my life and love with my German Shepherd, Koba, a Standard Poodle named Mr. Moonbeam, a Toy Poodle named Klim and Sophie – Duchess of Yorkshire Pudding a spunky little Yorkie.  Yay!  I am grateful!  Thanks for reading my story, now start shopping… I have mouths to feed!

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